Yoga Nidra
April 1st | 5:30 PM
On Zoom Only

Yoga nidra, often described as conscious sleep where the practitioner experiences a deep sense of relaxation. Yoga nidra helps reduce stress and anxiety, calms the nervous system, boosts the immune system and promotes healing. Yoga nidra leaves practitioners relaxed, rested and restored. No yoga experience necessary. Participants should wear comfortable clothes and eat a light meal before practice.

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Restorative Yoga to Live Cello
May 6th| 5:30 PM

Restorative yoga is a restful practice that relaxes the body and mind.  Restorative yoga, a self-care practice,   activates your parasympathetic nervous system the "rest and digest"response and promote overall wellbeing.   Relax, release and let go in the gentle practice set to live cello music.