300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training - Spring 2021

Yoga Alliance Recognized Teacher Training

300 Hour Training

This 300-hour teacher training is recognized by Yoga Alliance and is for students who have completed a 200 Hour Training.

We will:
- Discover how the Yoga Sutras and the Baghadva Gita are explored in contemporary literature and discuss how to integrate their teachings both on and off the mat.
-Study the anatomy of poses examining both Sthira and Sukha, and, function over form.
-Examine elements of the subtle body, with emphasis on the Chakra system.
-Delve into the koshas in relationship to the 8 limbs of yoga.
-Learn how to create a mediation practice, or deepening the practice you have.
-Learn how to teach to “everybody” in the classroom, identify and teach to all learning styles.
-Study key concepts of Ayurveda, the Sister Science of Yoga, 
-Investigate the Qualities and Role of the Teacher thought class discussions, small group exercises, and self-inquiry.
-Learn how to create a psychologically safe classroom, establish boundaries, maintain ethical practices, recognize the importance of gender-neutral classroom and be of service to your students
-Design engaging and meaningful classes, effective cueing, and fine-tune sequencing,and  assisting
-Deepen your knowledge and practice of pranayama 
-Exam best practices for Yoga for Cancer, Yoga for a Healthy Back, Yoga for Osteoporosis, and    Pelvic Floor Health
-Discuss the ethics and business of yoga

One Saturday in August
Average of Two Saturdays and Sundays each month 12:00 -6:30
Two Mondays
Teach One Class each month
Combination of Zoom and In-person classes,

Limited to six students.


Investment -
 $500 Non-Refundable Deposit
 Paid in Full by September 12th $3,900. 
 Installments $4,300. 

Email BHNY to schedule a meeting