Kids Yoga Classes at Be Here Now Yoga

Be Here Now Yoga has really great classes for kids too!



Teen Yoga Workshop for Girls with Abby
For students in 4th – 6th Grade, we also have special classes, Tuesday 4:15 to 4:00. At Be Here Now we offer a lighthearted and playful style of yoga to kids ages 8-12. The classes are rooted in aligning children’s bodies in a way that makes them feel safe, grounded, embodied and connected.

Through the art of using stories and topics related to children’s interests and experiences as themes, students will learn how to properly align their bodies in poses that challenge their strength and flexibility. Students will also learn how to link the breath, heart, body and mind.

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Teen yoga Sept 2016
Families can reserve a time slot for a family yoga session. Session run approximately 45 minutes long. Great way to build community right in your own family. Sessions can be tailored to a specific theme, help achieve partnerships and just have fun.

Contact Karen to schedule a Family Yoga Session.



Happy Birthday graphic
Looking for something fun and exciting to do for your little one’s birthday this year. What about a yoga birthday party? Kids yoga parties are tailored with your child in mind. Certified children’s yoga instructors can come to a party you are already holding and lead a yoga activity, or we can create a yoga themed party with a games and crafts for you. Parties can be hosted in our studio or your home.

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